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And you thought the Japanese were quiet… November 28, 2006

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This did surprise Tom and I actually. We were told that the Japanese audience would be a bit quieter than most. However this is what we found when we walked into the room…

Here’s Tom as he educates the audience on internet marketing - if you look closely you’ll see how his slides are also translated into Japanese too:

Brett & Tom

Latest from Tokyo November 26, 2006

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Wow… what a place Tokyo is. Our 2 day seminar went very well. Here you can check out what it’s like crossing the street … and this was at 11.30 at night! 


And here… you can see what it’s like to speak in front of an audience – you’ll also see and hear the interpreter that we use in Japan, so that the audience gets the message just as if we were speaking the language ourselves.

Now on to Singapore!

Brett and Tom

LIVE from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia November 17, 2006

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Well I told you I’d take you along on this World Internet seminar series across Asia. So here are a few videos from the opening day of World Internet Summit – MALAYSIA: 



Oh, and check this out…

Here you can see Jay Abraham speaking LIVE to the audience over the internet (don’t you wish you were here too?) – Jay, the world’s greatest marketing expert has some refreshing new distinctions about what you need to do on the internet in order to enjoy success. Here’s a glimpse of what it was like…

WIS rocks Jakarta Indonesia November 12, 2006

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400 excited people, virtually busting the doors down to get in. Welcome to Jakarta, Indonesia.

This is the first stop on our 5 week Asian tour of Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, India and United Arab Emirates. So….. i thought why don’t I let you come along and see what’s going on, yeah?

So I’ll be sure (and Tom will too he promises me!) to add photos and videos here so you can be part of the World Internet vibe.

Here’s a few shots hot off the presses from this weekend:

 400 eager people writing notes like crazy ... with 240 million people here in Indonesia, you can see why they're keen to see how to tap the market

These folks are so excited about learning, they literally bust the door down to get in every morning. Now if we could only bottle that passion….


 Tom on stage teaching his 'viral' marketing techniques. See the other person? That's the translator, as most of the audience speaks Bahasa Indonesian

That’s Tom above, with the translator, Tung. Why? Because most of the audience speaks Bahasa Indonesian.


Hey what I am liking is the headset microphone... it means wherever you turn your head the mike follows - great

 In fact, these guys are so keen to learn I’m going to hold a special 5 hour lesson for them on Monday. That way I can personally show them some stuff about setting up webpages and about creating their own products.

Talk soon,

Oh, by the way, here’s a glimpse of what Indonesians do during a seminar break… Love it.


Mike Filsaime and Kirt Christenen LIVE on Video November 5, 2006

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Seeing as Tom Hua and I travel the world a lot and meet with some of the world’s best minds on internet marketing, we thought we’d let you benefit by getting some “mini-interviews” for you.

(plus a whole lot of other great stuff coming your way very soon from behind the scenes of World Internet Summit).

Watch now as Mike Filsaime reveals the biggest MISTAKE most people make on the internet:



And now discover the secrets of Kirt Christensen:

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