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Merry Christmas To The Internet World December 24, 2006

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Hello my friend,

Tom Hua and I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas … no matter where in the world you are.

Even if you’re not someone who celebrates Christmas, you know what the sentiment is really all about – coming together, enjoying eachother, relaxing, sharing, and perhaps reflecting back on your year … or even focusing on the future. And that’s a good thing no matter where in the world you are reading this from right now.

You’re on our database, and so chances are you’ve received an email or two from us. Hopefully this year we’ve helped you… entertained you … or just made you think about your future in some little way. Either way, we hope you’re dreams come true.

And so here’s a little gift that’s worth more than any under your tree: 3 videos about the biggest mistake most people make on the internet.

Why’s it important? Because knowing the mistakes that most people make, can help you avoid them. Can help you choose the better path.


Brett McFall & Tom Hua

My goodness even the folks in India want to know about internet marketing December 15, 2006

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A little rattle and hum from the streets of Bangalore, India just outside out hotel…

One thing Tom and I hate are boring business seminars. So if you’ve been to a World Internet Summit before then you’ll know that they’re fun as well as educational. And the Indians are no exception when it comes to getting a bit animated along with us…

Latest from the Internet Summit in Bangkok

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Watch now behind the scenes of the seminar as the MC warms up…

Now watch how a LIVE translation takes place for those in the audience who speak another language – in this case, Thai. I loved this process – it makes it so much better from a presentation standpoint as we can talk naturally without having to pause and wait for a translation to be done every 30 seconds.

Just so you know we’re doing our job ;-)

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Stephen Pierce reveals the biggest internet mistake December 10, 2006

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World Internet Summit Singapore December 3, 2006

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The biggest event we’ve done in Asia yet. Over 700 people packed into the Singapore Expo to see our 4 day event. And the man responsible for filling the event with keen, excited people is Asia’s best promoter, Richard Tan (that’s him inbetween Tom and I)

Tom Hua Richard Tan and Brett McFall

Judging by the people below, the audience was a little bit keen to get the ‘good seats.’

And below is one of the most important reasons why World Internet Summit is the best event in the world for making your business come alive on the internet…

Here’s a view of the stage at World Internet Summit SINGAPORE…

The World Internet Summit Singapore stage

And two of our newest internet experts… Daryl and Andrew Grant
Here is 2 of our newest internet experts, Andrew and Daryl Grant - they loved their experience in Singapore and KL

Time to partaaaaaaaaaa…. our Singapore attendees celebrate because they are now armed and dangerous…
Pumped attendees from WIS Singapore

A little dancing never hurt anybody right?

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