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How does Jay Abraham get results nobody else can? Revealed here April 26, 2007

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It’s very rare that you get to hear the wisdom of Jay Abraham. Arguably the world’s highest paid marketing consultant ($50,000 a day) and the man who truly made famous many of the marketing principles that you see used today – including "risk reversal""host/beneficiary relationships" … and "joint ventures."

These are all terms that Jay redefined and turned into concepts that we could all understand properly and profit from.

That’s why he has been invited to speak at the world’s biggest internet business event in Singapore – he is simply the master of marketing.

Listen now to this EXCLUSIVE interview as I begin to tap into the genius that is Jay Abraham. Just this next 20 minutes alone could give you concepts that will change your business profits DRAMATICALLY and FOREVER.

Jay reveals:

  • How he creates increases in results of hundreds of percent - sometimes equating to hundreds of thousands of dollars OVERNIGHT

  • How he takes businesses apart and turns them into lethal, money-making machines

  • How to INCREASE your sales IMMEDIATELY without doing anything new

  • Why major changes in your approach to business is NOT what you need to do at all


Jay Abraham

Like what you heard? Quickly book now to see and meet JAY ABRAHAM LIVE at World Internet MEGA Summit – the internet marketing event of the year.

Seats are selling fast as internet marketers from around the world converge on Singapore.


Brett McFall and Tom Hua
The internet marketing educators

Mike Filsaime reveals how to go from working 9 to 5 … to multi-millionaire in 4 short years April 25, 2007

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How this man makes $10,000,000 a year selling NOTHING! April 19, 2007

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Lock the door … sit down … grab a pen and paper … and take the phone off the hook for 20 minutes – because what you are about to hear is pure money-making genius.

Listen now to the special message that the $10 million-a-year internet marketer, Armand Morin, has left for you, revealing:

  • How Armand’s friend sold over 100 million copies of his product … and how you can take his secret and use it for your own profit

  • The exact website you can visit RIGHT NOW to create a top-selling product for FREE

  • How to turn words into an ebook instantly and for FREE

  • How to sell your product and take money over the internet in a matter of minutes

  • The BRAND NEW way to have tens of thousands of people visiting your website TODAY (not weeks from now – but today) … and yet virtually no-one has heard of or tried this secret method


Armand Morin LIVE at World Internet MEGA Summit


Like what you heard? Quickly book now to see and meet ARMAND MORIN LIVE at World Internet MEGA Summit – the internet marketing event of the year.

Seats are selling fast as internet marketers from around the world converge on Singapore.


Brett McFall and Tom Hua
The internet marketing experts


P.S. Do you have a World Internet Summit success story?
Have you attended one of our events and are now experiencing
some success? We want to hear from you (in fact, we’re running a "Success Story Competition" where you could win air and accommodation to a secret overseas
destination to meet with Tom and I!)  Simply email Jason on: 

Special Time-Limited Invitation April 17, 2007

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We have an invitation for you.

Maybe you’ve attended one of our events before. Or maybe you’ve been thinking for a very long time that you’d like to come.

Now is your chance. Here’s why…

Would you like to know how … for the first and only time … you can attend our 4-Day World Internet Summit for just $197? Even better, you can bring a friend as our guest too.

Tickets are normally $997 each. So why such a low price?

Simply, we’re holding the world’s biggest ever internet marketing event. In fact there’s already 2,000 people registered. So because we have such a huge venue and many more attendees that we would normally have, the sheer numbers mean we can afford to reduce the price for you.

Remember, regular tickets are usually $997 each. But for this record-breaking event, they’re just $197, plus bring a friend as our guest.

Which means you have no longer have an excuse, do you?


You need to set aside these 4 days – May 26-29, 2007. Go ahead write them down.

For 4 days you will literally hear from the best experts in the world about how to create, run, and profit from an internet business.

Do you know that the world’s best marketing mind, JAY ABRAHAM is speaking?

And that the “godfather of internet marketing” MARK JOYNER will be there too?

Plus Stephen Pierce, Joel Comm, Armand Morin and Mike Filsaime?

Even the world’s best affiliate marketing expert, Ewen Chia.

One of the world’s best salesmen, John Childers.

And of course, Tom and I will be there with cutting edge discoveries for you too.

Can you possibly lose with these people in your corner? Why spend 2-3 years working out how the internet works, when you can do it in just 4 days?

And with potentially 3,000 people in the audience, the networking is going to be simply incredible. Can you imagine how many partnerships you could create with this many attendees all focused on the internet?

That’s why this is going to be the internet marketing event of the year. If you don’t walk away with at least 50 serious business contacts, you’re just not trying hard enough.

Website designers are coming. Product developers. Copywriters. Affiliate marketers. Millionaires. Entrepreneurs. So if you’re serious about creating a business on the internet, you’d have to be crazy not to be there.

Here’s how you can get your ticket for just $197 (plus bring a friend for free).

Go to this webpage immediately:

Because every person who registers in the next **5 days only** will not only get this amazing price deal, but will also walk away with this EXCLUSIVE bonus:

You will be given exclusive ONLINE access to World Internet Summit videos. That’s right, watch the best experts in the world from your computer. Experts like Derek Gehl, Stephen Pierce and more LIVE on stage at our event. The full 4 days of a World Internet Summit yours to watch from your home PC – online videos streamed straight off the internet. And you can start watching them right away, as you prepare for the internet marketing event of the year.

But this is only if you register in the next 5 days. After that, this very special bonus will NOT be available. It’s only a “thank you” bonus gift for those that get serious this week. Leave it till next week, and you’ll miss out.

So will you meet us at World Internet MEGA Summit on May 26-29?

Go there right now and see even more reasons WHY this will be the smartest decision you make this year.

Brett McFall and Tom Hua

What Mark Joyner does in his business to be successful, which you don’t! (first-time ever revealed) April 12, 2007

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JUST RECORDED: Revealed for the first time, the secrets behind the “godfather of internet marketing” – Mark Joyner.

In this world-first, private interview with internet marketing experts, Tom Hua and Brett McFall, you’ll discover:

  • The kind of amazing lifestyle you too could be living right now if you only knew how
  • The most common mistakes you are making … or likely to make in an internet-based business
  • 2 questions that could your life destiny in a matter of seconds
  • The terrible MISTAKE most internet marketers are guilty of making (and why it makes them desperately ineffective)
  • Why “email” can be your worst enemy
  • Tom Hua’s 3 key steps you need to follow if you want to save time, money and effort in your internet business
  • How to turn failures – on the internet and anywhere else in your life – into successes in the blink of an eye
  • Why the internet is the ONLY place you want make lots of mistakes
  • What Mark Joyner does in his business to be successful, which you don’t! (first-time ever revealed)
  • The secret behind how Brett McFall created $20,000 in 5 days out of thin air
  • The software you MUST own if you don’t want staff in your business (yes, you can actually automate 80% of your business if you own this ground-breaking software)
  • A “killer” method of marketing that sells your product for you WITHOUT any effort from you – it grows as it goes!
  • Mark Joyner Tom Hua and Brett McFall

    If you like what these 3 experts have to say, then make a decision now to SEE ALL 3 LIVE at the biggest internet event ever held – World Internet MEGA Summit, May 26-29 – Singapore CLICK HERE to see why you should go.

    How this man made US$9,000 before he’d even left World Internet Summit

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    That’s right, John Logar, simply applied some of the secrets he learned at the event, and made a whopping US$9,000 before the seminar was even over! In fact, after John made this video, he let us know that he’d increased his sales and had actually made US$11,000! That’s with NO previous experience… in fact, not even a product. Wouldn’t you love to know how he did it? That’s why World Internet Summit has become the world’s biggest internet business event – it’s giving people the knowledge they need to achieve total financial freedom.

    Brett McFall DOUBLE-SHOT – Internet marketing secrets revealed …and a special invitation! April 9, 2007

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    After teaching internet marketing for the past 3 years to thousands of people around the world … operating 11 web businesses of my own … and writing over 10,000 sales messages for myself and for clients – I’ve learnt some short cuts that can help nearly anyone on the internet.

    Listen now for some simple secrets you can use … and if you’re up for it then also decide to come and see me LIVE in Singapore at the world’s biggest ever internet businsess event, WORLD INTERNET MEGA SUMMIT – May 26-29, 2007.

    In this first recording I reveal:

  • REVEALED: The secret to remembering 90% of what you learn, even 2 weeks after you’ve learnt it (an educational secret that most people don’t know)
  • The 1st secret to making money on the internet (this is where most people get it wrong – understand this one rule and you’ll be well on your way to making huge sales 24 hours a day)
  • Want to make 3 or 4 times the profit of any normal business owner? Here’s the ideal product to sell on the internet … and the good news is – it sells like crazy
  • Where to find a ready made team of professional people to help grow your business without it costing you a lot of money – using this source means you have total freedom in creating your own hot selling products
  • The actual website address of an “ugly” website that makes $20,000-$30,000 a year with NO work required
  • How to get all the traffic you want … in fact, once it starts you won’t be able to stop it – WITHOUT it costing you any money at all
  • The website address of a site that markets you FREE of charge
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    Would you also like some powerful secrets to use on your website to make it sell even more! Then listen here for just 10 minutes…

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