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World Internet Challenge Winner Makes $30,033 for FREE July 27, 2009

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$30,033 in just 4 days in front of a LIVE audience? You bet.

Apparently it’s a recession.

But in just 4 days, we generated exactly $30,033 from scratch.

How? At World Internet Summit New Zealand. 320 people watched LIVE as Sean Roach conducted our famous “internet challenge.”

Best part is, we gave every cent to someone in the audience – Kylie Anderson. And here is the photo to prove it!

Like to know how we do it?

Take a seat and be here LIVE. It could be you who’s walking away with the money (Kylie Anderson had never won anything in her life before… EVER!).

Here are the details of our next event:

Tom Hua and Brett McFall

World Internet Summit- James Schramko traffic secrets July 17, 2009

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This little-used technique called B _ _ _ _ _ is the best way to get traffic from Google.

You’re even about to discover what words to use to get a click through rate on your advertising of up to 19% (which in case you don’t know, is EXTREMELY high – it means 19 people clicking through to your website out of every 100, instead of the usual 1 or 2).

That’s according to internet marketer, James Schramko. And now you can check out this never-before-seen footage of James appearing LIVE at World Internet Summit:

You’ll see how he SILENCED our entire 600-strong audience. You’ll begin taking notes too just like the audience did, as you discover sneaky little Google traffic secrets that virtually no-one talks about.

Even where to buy traffic for 1c per view. So take a few minutes out now and watch this video that you will not see anywhere else:


Tom Hua and Brett McFall

PS. Wouldn’t you like to see James Schramko speak for a whole 90 minutes? Just like the lucky folks in this audience? If so, then this is your last chance to get tickets for World Internet Summit – New Zealand on July 23-26. You can book below and make sure you have the edge over your competitors:

World Internet Summit – Would you sell a house for 99c July 8, 2009

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Ever sold a house before? Maybe your own?

What about selling it for just 99c?

Online auction expert, Adam Ginsberg is about to show you what happened when he purchased a house for $22,000 and put it up on the internet for just 99c. LIVE in front of an audience he put himself on the line.

Did the house sell? How much for? He reveals it all here:


Tom Hua and Brett McFall

PS. You’ll catch Adam Ginsberg and all the World’s best internet marketers live at World Internet Summit New Zealand this July 23-26, are you ready?

PPS. Put yourself in the running to win the World Internet Challenge. That’s what Sam Patanian did, when he walked away with a BONUS CHEQUE for US$29,112 in Gold Coast this past March. (just for attending)

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