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World Internet Summit – seminar attendee wins $47,239 November 17, 2009

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LIVE from Heathrow, London we’ve just finished another successful World Internet Summit. 500 folks listening, learning and laughing for 4 days.

But of course, the most exciting moment is when we hand over the money we earn from starting a business LIVE in front of the audience.

This time we made the most money we’ve made all year – $47,239 in just 4 days! And our winner is…

Camilla Ker

Was she excited? Just look at these photos…

Would you like to be next? Then you need to attend the next World Internet Summit

See you there

Tom Hua and Brett McFall

World Internet Summit- from average guy to expert in 29 days November 2, 2009

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Here’s what we believe is the best and easiest way to get started with a monthly recurring membership site.

You do like the idea of passive income right?

Well here’s a classic example of an ordinary guy turned expert (you can tell by his clothes)

You’re about to see the one-key-concept that made him $1,000,000 online (when he was a regular Jo Blo)

PLUS… he’ll reveal the simple technique he used to build a list from zero to 31,000 in 29 days (faster than you can change a habit ;-)

Is that all?

No, you’ll also witness the sneaky little secret on how to find people with a list without having to approach or ask anyone to do a joint venture in person

…and how to create all the content you want the quick and easy way.

Sound good?

It is, and you should set aside 5 minutes right now and watch it. Its pure genius and if you actually APPLY IT… the asset column on your financial statement might just take a massive spike in the upward direction month in month out.

THEN… if you like this lesson … can you imagine learning like this for 4 days straight?

That’s what makes World Internet Summit so good – you leave with all the strategies you need to start making mo~~ney online when you get home.

So drop everything and do what you can to get to the next World Internet Summit. It’s almost here.


Tom Hua and Brett McFall

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World Internet Summit
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