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World Internet Summit – A shocking new fact about Google February 18, 2010

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We’ve just uploaded this brand new video that reveals why you don’t necessarily want your website to be found on the first page of Google.

So if you’ve ever struggled to optimise your site and get it on page 1, then don’t sweat it. Wait till you hear why you could make much more if you’re actually on page 2.

Internet expert Sean Roach reveals this cool little detail here (actual footage taken from World Internet Summit)

Enjoy and profit.


Tom Hua and Brett McFall

World Internet Summit – “How can I make money online now?” February 11, 2010

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A common question we get asked is “How can I make money online now?”

It’s a hard one to answer without delving deeply into the attitudes and abilities of the person asking the question.

But here, Tom Hua gives his reply:

Like to have Tom train you in how to start your own internet business?

Click to see him LIVE here.

Brett McFall and Tom Hua
World Internet Summit – Australia
Feb 25-28, Perth

World Internet Summit – How To Save Any Business In 10 Minutes #2 February 3, 2010

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We shared a video with you recently that revealed how to turn a business around in 10 minutes. And it caused quite a stir.

It seems some folks had some incredible “light bulb” moments as they watched. So much so, that we’ve been asked to upload another just like it.

So, would you like to see me grill another poor dude LIVE on stage? :_)

This guy is Jim from the UK. And wait till you see the killer Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that just pops out of nowhere.

It’s right here:

And of course if you want to see me do it LIVE for you – and maybe even pull you out of the audience – take a seat at World Internet Summit Australia – February 25-28 in Perth.


Brett McFall and Tom Hua

A video from Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia February 2, 2010

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This is a special invitation to you as one of our subscribers.

Why? So that you can turn 2010 into THE year for you

One where you pay off the credit card. Take a holiday. Stop worrying about work or your bills. Just a year where you have the time and freedom to do as you please.

But it’s not going to happen without first changing yourself.

All change starts with you.

And World Internet Summit is the perfect place to change your cash flow.

Here’s an important reminder about what you need to do:

(Please note, if the video “stops and starts” – just pause it for around 30 seconds before pressing ‘play’ button again, so that it can download properly.)

You can register your seat right here. We promise you the best weekend of your year. REAL information that will allow you to make real change.

Click here now for all the information.

We look forward to meeting you in person.

Tom Hua and Brett McFall
World Internet Summit
Feb 25-28, Perth, Western Australia

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