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$35,035.67 in 72 hours! November 24, 2010

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Dr. Xiao Wen Hu happily accepted her cheque for $35,035.67 at our recent World Internet Summit UK.

Why did we give her a cheque for this amount?

Simply because she was sitting in the audience.

We do this at every World Internet Summit. If you have the lucky ticket you take home the earnings from the business we start during the seminar.

In fact, we gave her the entire business!


The business didn’t stop after the event was over. We accidently forgot to take the site down and it went on to earn a total of $47,000 just a few days later!

And yes she gets this money too.

Congratulations Xiao Wen Hu!

She said: “I can’t believe it! I never thought I would win – wait till I tell my daughter.”

Isn’t it time you took at a seat at World Internet Summit?

Next one is coming up…

Click below to grab your seat in Sydney February 2011.

Tom Hua and Brett McFall

How to make $25~000 or more, before breakfast November 3, 2010

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Steven Essa is the king of webinars (online seminars). It’s not unusual for him to generate $25~000 before breakfast.

Many people who’ve heard Steven speak just once, have applied his techniques and made thousands of $’s with their very first webinar.

You have the chance to hear him for yourself right now, in this revealing interview:

Are you thinking that webinars aren’t your thing? Well, stop…

You’ll be amazed at the number of ways you can use this technology to make money online, let alone how easy it is to get started:

Steven Essa also reveals:

* How to profit from webinars, even if you don’t have a website, or aren’t keen on public speaking

* How to go about organising a webinar (you’ll be shocked at how quick and easy it is)

* Why webinars are the best way to test or launch any internet business

* How you can profit from a single webinar, for weeks, months and years to come

* Why, when it comes to the income earning potential from webinars, we are barely scratching the surface

* And more.

Listen now to become one of very few people to know about this powerful, mo~ney making strategy. We guarantee you’ll be thinking about the endless possibilities, for days and weeks to come.

And if you’re smart, do whatever you can to meet Steven in person at World Internet Summit – November 11-14, Heathrow, London.

Brett McFall and Tom Hua

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