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How selling a ‘boring’ product can make you a fortune online September 27, 2011

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“How to Troubleshoot Circuitboards”… Sounds like a potentially boring topic, yes?

But within 6 weeks of launching an ebook on this subject, Vince Tan’s student was averaging 6 sales per day, at $20 per sale.

That’s $840 per week… Over $43~000 per year, on auto-pilot.

With those sorts of numbers, would you be okay with a ‘boring’ product?

If so, then check out this short video from internet marketing whiz, Vince Tan.

Why? Because he reveals the best place to start when creating your own digital product.

Vince also shares:

• The #1 thing your product must do (which can make the difference between ‘best seller’ and ‘bust’)

• How many pages an ebook should contain

• How to create a digital product for a topic that you’re not an expert in (and why you might want to consider this)

• Why now is the best time EVER, to launch and sell a digital product

• Plus more…

So, take 5 minutes to view the video now, and be on your way to creating and selling your own winning digital product:

Brett McFall and Tom Hua

Delivering on my promise September 6, 2011

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Ever use your mobile phone to search the internet?

If so, you’re among a growing trend – in fact, millions of people around the world are using their smartphones for internet use, more than they’re using their laptop.

Would you now like to see how you can create a business out of this huge trend?

A video with all the hands-on tips, tricks and tools you need to know about, to crack open a massive, untapped market in your local area.

And I do mean MASSIVE… Did you know that over 99% of all businesses worldwide, DON’T have a mobile friendly web presence? That’s 99% of businesses that could be paying you to help them.

In this video, Caro reveals:

• How to create and install a mobile-friendly website (using 100% free tools)

• Why you don’t need to have any graphic design, website design or sales experience, to be successful

• Why you might just be more of an expert than you think you are

• How to generate customers who are eager to work with (and pay) you…
(NOTE: No “hard sell” or tacky sales pitch required)

• Plus more.

And the best thing is that you don’t have to be a techno-wiz to get started today, you just need to click this link:

And if you’re smart, do whatever you can to meet Caro in person at World Internet Summit .

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