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Does your website do this? October 24, 2011

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Whether you’re a mechanic, an ebook author or a poodle groomer, there is one crucial thing that your website MUST do, if you want it to generate more sales for your business.

What is it?

… Watch this quick video now, and you’ll get the lowdown, straight from my partner in World Internet Summit, Brett McFall:

If you’re the owner of any type of business, or you’re about to start one, you can’t afford to miss this.

In fact, this video might just change the way you think about websites, forever.

In this video, Brett also shares with you:

* The 3 most important things to consider when designing, building or maintaining a website

* How to use a website to transform your small, service-based business

* The fr~ee online portal you can use instead of YouTube, to host video and audio content (without annoying ads displaying to your viewers)

* What are ‘Webinars’ and how can they boost your business?

* Plus more.

Grab a pen and paper to take some notes (because you won’t want to miss a thing), click the link below, and view now:

Tom Hua

4 ways to drive traffic to your site October 18, 2011

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What would it mean to your business (and to your bank balance) if your website got double or triple the amount of visitors, each and every day?

It’d mean double or triple the amount of sales you’re getting from your website… right?

And yet, many of us let our websites plod along, not realising that we’re giving all this extra traffic the red light.

But if you know what to do, getting more traffic is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

So, in this video, Brett McFall explains the different types of traffic, and handy tools and techniques you can use, to start getting more traffic (and more sales) today.

He also reveals:

* 4 strategies to drive traffic to your website, for FR~EE (over and over again)

* The power of YouTube in driving traffic to your site

* The one vital detail you MUST INCLUDE when uploading your video to YouTube (or risk losing 10′s of thousands of potential visitors)

* How to drive more traffic using social media sites

* Plus more.

Whether you have an offline or online business, or are looking at starting one, don’t miss this chance to discover how to give traffic the green light to your website:

Tom Hua

Which of these is right for you? October 10, 2011

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We’re all noticing it… it feels like power and water are getting more expensive by the month, and you’d think (going by the price) that fruit and veggies are coated in a layer of solid gold.

There’s 3 ways you could earn more money to cover these rising costs (according to Aussie finance expert David Koch):

1) Get a PAY RISE (not always possible, and if it is, your income is still limited)
2) Get a SECOND JOB (isn’t one bad enough?)
3) Start a MOONLIGHT BUSINESS (the option Koch recommends)

And these days, starting a moonlight business can be easier than ever before. Just ask eBay power-sellers Matt and Amanda Clarkson…

In this video, Matt and Amanda share the secrets of ordinary people, who now turnover $50,000 per month – or more – using eBay to sell products online.

Matt and Amanda reveal:

• The one place you should NOT look for products to sell on eBay, and why

• What you must consider when selecting your first line of products

• What is ‘overstock’ and how you can build an eBay business (and a tidy profit) on the back of it

• How to tie your Internet Marketing knowledge into your eBay business and double your income, if you choose to

• Plus more.

Click the link to view this 5 minute video now… You’ll never think of eBay in the same way again:

Brett McFall and Tom Hua

Is your website MIA? October 3, 2011

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Every day, millions of people use a Search Engine like Google, Yahoo or MSN to help them find websites that provide the solution to a problem.

So, what happens if you have the best possible solution to someone’s problem… but your website can’t be found through a Search Engine?

The answer is “Nothing”. No customer. No sale. No mo~ney in your pocket.

Luckily, Tom Hua (co-founder of World Internet Summit) has stepped in with some handy advice to help websites that might be ‘Missing In Action’.

In this video, Tom reveals:

• Who you REALLY need to impress, to rank well in Search Engines

• The truth about why his company’s website ‘’ ranks #1 for ‘hosting’ (a very competitive search term)

• Why it’s important to rank well in a Search Engine’s ‘natural’ listings

• His sneaky strategy for paying less per click with Google AdWords

• And more

Click now, and discover how the big guns of Internet Marketing like Tom Hua, really do it (you might just be surprised…):

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