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Your website going viral? December 14, 2011

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When it comes to doing business on the internet, ‘going viral’ is the ultimate.

Imagine thousands of people, all over the world, willingly sharing links to your website.

That would mean lots of traffic, and lots of ca~sh in your pocket, right?

Well… Stop imagining. Thanks to Tom Hua (an expert on viral marketing), you can now do it for yourself:

And in this jam-packed short video, Tom really hasn’t held back.

He reveals:

• His complete 3 step viral marketing system, from go to whoa

• How to make people want to give away your product to others (or better yet, sell them)

• The number 1 key to powerful viral marketing

• What are ‘brandable links’, and how they can make or break your viral marketing campaign

• And much more

So don’t waste a second, click to view now:

And whatever you do, be sure to meet Tom and myself in person at World Internet Summit 2012 Australia, Feb 9-12 – Melbourne.

Brett McFall

It’s time to pop the question December 6, 2011

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Most of us sell our time for money – in one way or another.

It’s good… Until you realise that there’s only so much time you can sell.

Luckily, Steven Essa (internet marketing maestro) has shared the key to squeezing the most mo~ney from each and every minute.

View this short video now, to discover the key to taking charge of your time (***HINT*** It’s something you need to ask yourself):

Steven Essa also reveals:

* The number 1 best thing you can possibly do with your time

* Why ‘having more mo~ney’ isn’t a good goal (and what to aim for instead)

* How to spot and avoid time-wasting traps

* What is leverage, and why it’s essential to achieve your financial goals

* And more.

Take a few minutes, click the link below and watch now (you simply can’t afford to miss this tip):

And if you’re smart, do whatever you can to meet Steven in person at World Internet Summit – 2012
Australia 9-12 Feb, Melbourne.

Brett McFall and Tom Hua

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