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3 surefire ways to find a hungry market May 15, 2012

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It’s one of the golden rules of internet marketing:

“Before you do ANYTHING – find a hungry market”.

That’s all well and good… but HOW?

Luckily, Roy Carter’s revealed 3 dead-easy ways to find a market that’s hungrier than a pack of wild wolves.

And the best part is, this video takes just 3 minutes.

3 minutes: 3 hot tips. Pretty good strike rate, don’t you think?

In this video, Roy Carter also shares:

• What is a hungry market, and why it’s so important that you find one (if you’re serious about making mo~ney online, that is)

• How you can determine exactly what your market wants, without talking to a single person

• The 100% FR~EE online tools that are available to you right now, to help you identify your hungry market, and hone in on a hot niche

• And more.

So, take 3 minutes for yourself, click the link and watch now:

And if you’re smart, do whatever you can to meet Roy in person at World Internet Summit New Zealand – June 7 – 10, Auckland New Zealand

Brett McFall and Tom Hua

How to master motivation (and move mountains) May 8, 2012

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We’ve all had them… Those really good days, when we feel motivated, excited and on top of the world.

Then the bad days, when everything seems… too hard, to say the least.

Now, thanks to respected entrepreneur, speaker and strategist, Rich Waterman, you can discover the recipe for mastering that ‘good day’ feeling, more often than not.

View this short video now to learn how to change frustration into motivation, and start moving more mountains in your everyday life:

Rich also reveals:

• The tiny object – found in most homes – that doubles as a ‘Negative Thinking Cure’ (with the power to change your life in as little as a weekend)

• The 6 signs of a ‘good motivation day’ and a ‘bad motivation day’ (you’ll be amazed at how familiar they sound)

• How to master the motivation of a ‘good motivation day’

• Which of the 2 main motivations leads to exhaustion and failure (and how to avoid it at all costs)

• And more.

Click the link below to be inspired now… and get set to achieve more than ever before:

And if you’re smart, do whatever you can to meet Rich in person at World Internet Summit 2012 – New Zealand, June 7 – 10, Auckland

Brett McFall and Tom Hua

Are you using Facebook the wrong way? May 1, 2012

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Did you know that if Facebook were a country, it would overtake the US as the world’s 3rd largest, with over 640,000,000 active users?

What’s even more amazing, is that you have the power to use Facebook to grab the attention of thousands of perfect potential customers, who’ve never heard of you before.

This means you can make more mo~ney with an existing business or create a whole new income stream.


Don’t make a move with Facebook advertising until you’ve seen this:

A 6 minute video from online advertising expert Brittany Lynch, with juicy tips to make sure you’re not flushing advertising dollars down the drain.

Brittany reveals:

• The secret to paying less for Facebook advertising (as much as 90% less)

• The cheeky online tool you can use to get the inside scoop on your competitors (so you can know exactly who to target on Facebook)

• How to maximise the number of perfect potential customers that click on your ad

• The 3 essential elements of an effective Facebook ad

• Plus more…

Facebook and social media are here to stay. If you want your business to be too, then you can’t afford to miss this. Click and view now:

And if you’re smart, do whatever you can to meet Brittany in person at World Internet Summit – New Zealand, 7-10 June, Auckland

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