service provider not found error code 043 Gum Spring Virginia

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service provider not found error code 043 Gum Spring, Virginia

I had V4.42 and it predecessor versions working fine on a T41 with XP and a Netopia router. We appreciate your feedback. Type: ERROR:NIDP:USERAUTH:051 Cause: Some Critical extension OID(s) not understood. This error provides descriptions of various errors that can happen while doing this.

Dedicated ThinkPad user for about 18 years.[/color] Top Profile Reply with quote bill bolton Post subject: Re: Access Connections v5.12 for XP Now AvailablePostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 6:08 Thanks for posting!Jon 0 Kudos Reply Anwar Fanfold Paper Posts: 3 Registered: ‎11-28-2009 Location: Brazil Message 5 of 11 (34,648 Views) Re: Windows 7 Ericsson F3507G WWAN Driver Problems Options Mark Type: WARN:NIDP:APP:001 Cause: User authenticated using X509. Type: WARN:NIDP:USERMSG:052 Cause: The wrong endpoint may be accessed for the operation desired.

Action: Check the logs to determine the class that is failing to load. Action: Contact OCSP administrator and check the request. 200104029 Your request was not signed. It may happen due to no WSS headers in WSC requests. AC 5.12 seems to be slightly faster than AC 4.52.

That id will be used to access the pending data packet when the web service consumer regains control. I have complained to Lenovo and offered very factual evidience; however when it comes to useability, they play deaf. For additional help, see Troubleshooting 100101043 and 100101044 Liberty Metadata Load Errors in the Novell Access Manager 3.1 SP2 Identity Server Guide. 100101044 ESP is unable to load IDP metadata Type: The search resulted in zero hits.

Dedicated ThinkPad user for about 18 years.[/color] Top Profile Reply with quote jdhurst Post subject: Re: Access Connections v5.12 for XP Now AvailablePostPosted: Sun Feb 08, 2009 4:54 pm Made no difference...My service provider is SONERA.and I'm running Win XP 0 Kudos Reply All Forum Topics Previous Topic Next Topic Forum Home Introduction Community Spotlight Welcome & FAQs Special Events Type: SEVERE:NIDP:USERMSG:001 Cause: An action using Liberty or SAML protocols could not be completed because the server and trusted provider are not compatibly configured to interact to complete the action. Action: Submit the request again. 300104049 Could not find NIDP PKIX Certificate Path Checker Class.

Type: WARN:NIDP:APP:29 Cause: The java.lang.Class.forName() method call failed to load the LDAP Store Plugin class. Type: ERROR:NIDP:WSF:001 Cause: The web service definition has a service level user interaction policy that is not ALWAYS or NEVER. Sadly is the only supported way to use the WWAN adapter so you are sort of stuck with it. Moderators: Moderator group, Admin group Post new topic Reply to topic Page 1 of 1 [ 1 post ] Print view Previous topic | Next topic Author Message dtowsey Post

Type: ERROR:NIDP:USERAUTH:042 Cause: OCSP response does not match request. Action: Delete the nidsConfigXML attribute and reconfigure WSC. 100103002   Type: SEVERE:NIDP:WSC:002 100103003   Type: SEVERE:NIDP:WSC:003 100103004   Type: SEVERE:NIDP:WSC:004 100103005   Type: SEVERE:NIDP:WSC:005 100103006   Type: SEVERE:NIDP:WSC:006 100103007   Type: Type: WARN:NIDP:USERMSG:023 Cause: An attempt to identify a user failed while attempting to complete a federation at the server. Action: Evaluate the error and take appropriate action. 100105002 Failed to initialize JNDI connections.

Cheers, Bill B. Make sure the disk is not full. 300105022 Unable to create a necessary directory for the Image Pool. Type: SEVERE:NIDP:WSF:003 Cause: Some Java error (probably a classpath issue) is causing the main authority class to not instantiate. This allows the system to track identities that have not been used for a configurable time period so that they may be deleted.

Type: ERROR:NIDP:USERAUTH:040 Cause: OCSP response does not contain the requested number of certificate status. Type: INFO:NIDP:WSF:014 Scenario: The data that is being written already exists in the user's profile. Type: ERROR:NIDP:USERAUTH:035 Cause: This may happen when reading the OCSP trust store during OCSP validations. Type: ERROR:NIDP:USERAUTH:030 Cause: OCSP server is too busy to respond to requests.

Action: Wait a few moments for the LDAP requests to be processed and retry the request. An attempt was made to proxy the request, but an error occurred! Action: Examine the supplied error detail and take applicable actions. 300106001   Type: WARN:NIDP:IDFF:001 300106002   Type: WARN:NIDP:IDFF:002 300106003   Type: WARN:NIDP:IDFF:003 300106004   Type: WARN:NIDP:IDFF:004 300106005   Type: WARN:NIDP:IDFF:005 500102001 Type: ERROR:NIDP:WSF:014 Cause: Processing web service requests may result in a number of unexpected errors.

Please try the request again. Does anyone know when AC 5.02 will be updated for Vista? _________________755CD>600> R51 :1836Q4U> T60: 6371CTO. This should ensure you have the latest signing certificate. 300101022 An undetermined problem in the message format has occurred. Type: WARN:NIDP:USERMSG:054 Cause: A required attribute was not returned in the assertion provided by an STS.

Type: ERROR:NIDP:USERAUTH:022 Cause: Could not get OCSP Response from the OCSP server Action: Make sure its going to the right OCSP server. 200104023 Error processing OCSP Response. Attempt to validate the clock accuracy of the computer generating the assertion. 300101015 Assertion no longer valid. Action: Make sure the class has the right constructor. 300105001 No user Login Policy Check LDAP Extension method available on user store. Type: INFO:NIDP:WSF:004 Scenario: A Web Service request was made to query user attributes.

Hope it works for others. 0 Kudos Reply jsvaughan Paper Tape Posts: 3 Registered: ‎11-28-2009 Location: London Message 4 of 11 (34,677 Views) Re: Windows 7 Ericsson F3507G WWAN Driver Problems