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splint cannot recover from parse error Warsaw, Virginia

Since the unconstrained function may modify anything, there may be undetected modifications in the checked function. Global Flags Global flags can be set at the command line or in an options file, but cannot be set locally using stylized comments. m:-+++ macro-unrecog An unrecognized identifier appears in a macro definition. Tim Van Holder produced the automake and autoconf distribution.

UnbefugteEmpfaenger werden gebeten, die Vertraulichkeit derNachricht zu wahren und den Absender sofort uebereinen Uebertragungsfehler zu informieren.------------------------------------------------------ Richard A. Dependent storage is transferred to a non-dependent reference. Mark with /*@[email protected]*/. Some objects use a fixed amount of storage that is allocated and deallocated automatically by the compiler.

Typical Effort-Benefit Curve Splint checking can be customized to select what classes of errors are reported using command line flags and stylized comments in the code. Specific checking flags may be set after a mode flag to override the mode settings. Steve McConnell 4.3.1 Controlling Access Where code may manipulate the representation of an abstract type, we say the code has access to that type. Send a report that this bug log contains spam.

Alternatively you can here view or download the uninterpreted source code file. Too many errors, giving up.", fileloc_unparse (g_currentloc))); } } else { if (cstring_isDefined (s)) { llreportparseerror (message ("Parse Error: %q. Cygwin is also using void * * pointers rather than structs to ensure maximum binary compatability with * previous releases. * This means that we don't use the types defined here, P: - grammar Debug parsing.

Flag in effect only if a library that includes the standard library is used. Splint research at the University of Virginia is currently funded in part by an NSF CAREER Award and an NSF CCLI Award for using analysis to teach software engineering. Der Absender uebernimmt ohneweitere Ueberpruefung keine Verantwortung fuer dieRichtigkeit und Vollstaendigkeit des Inhalts. If accessmodule is off (when -access-module is used), the module access rule is not in effect and an abstract type defined in M.h is not necessarily accessible in M .c.

m:---- imp-checkmod-globs Implicit checkmod qualifier on global variables with no checking annotation. m:-+++ immediate-trans An immediate address (result of &) is transferred inconsistently. No modifies checking, macro checking, rep exposure, or clean interface checking is done. m: --++ superuser Call to function restricted to superusers.

Overrides LARCH_PATHenvironment variable. The exit status will be success (0) if no errors are reported, and failure if any errors are reported. P: - type-prefix-exclude An identifier that is not a type name starts with the typeprefix. This may lead to a memory leak, since the new reference is not necessarily released.

Splint will exit with failure exit status unless code errors are detected. m:++++ statetransfer Transfer violates user-defined state rules. If the iso99-limits flag is used, all limits are checked with the minimum values of an ISO C99 conforming compiler. m:---+ elseif-complete There is no finals else following an else if construct (Section 8.3.5).

P: + format-const Format parameter is not known at compile-time. The unused annotation can be used to prevent unused errors from being report for a particular declaration. m:-+++ kept-trans Kept storage (storage what was passed as keep) transferred to non-temporary reference. P: + struct-imp-only Assume unannotated structure or union field is only.

There is a special object null corresponding to the NULLpointer in a C program. This exhibits behavior that could not be implemented by a function. Expected Errors Normally, Splint will expect to report no errors. Unrecognized Identifiers P: + unrecog An unrecognized identifier is used.

m:---+ internal-globs-noglobs Use of internal state in function with no globals list. m:-+++ real-compare Comparison involving float or double values. The following flags are mainly of interest to Splint developers. Unix library may not be compatible with all platforms.

m:-+++ shared-trans Shared storage transferred to non-shared reference m:-+++ dependent-trans Inconsistent dependent transfer. Currently this option reduces the number of bounds errors but causes real error to be missed. m:---- imp-checkmod-statics Implicit checkmod qualifier file static scope variables with no checking annotation. What is the equivalent of "bleki" for snakes?

Index Nav: [DateIndex] [SubjectIndex] [AuthorIndex] [ThreadIndex] Message Nav: [DatePrev][DateNext] [ThreadPrev][ThreadNext] Other format: [Raw text] Splint parseerror with From: "only4" To: cygwin at cygwin dot com P: + commenterror A syntactic comment is used inconsistently. Checking of array elements cannot be done accurately by Splint. Macro Expansion These flags control which macros are checked as functions or constants, and which are expanded in the pre-processing phase.

m:---+ mod-strict-globs-nomods Undocumented modification of a checkedstrict globalvariable in a function declared with no modifies clause. The /*@alt type,[email protected]*/ annotation creates a union type. It should probably not be used globally, but may be used surrounding a particular loop that is known to always execute to prevent spurious messages. m:-+++ enum-mem-use Member of enumerator never used.

error-stream-stderr Send fatal errors to standard error stream. The module that implements these functions is called the implementation module. It is an anomaly to use undefined storage as an rvalue. These are brief descriptions to give a general idea of what each mode does.

m:---+ mod-globs-nomods Undocumented modification of a checked global variable in a function with no modifies clause. Because of the provided error suppression mechanisms, these options should probably not be used for final checking real programs but may be useful in developing programs using make. m:-+++ nullpass A possibly null pointer is passed as a parameter corresponding to a formal parameter with no /*@[email protected]*/ annotation. If an abstract type has operations that may change the value of instances of the type, the type is mutable.

Pre-processor These flags are used to define or undefine pre-processor constants. Memory Leaks m:-+++ must-free Allocated storage was not released before return or scope exit.